In 2017 we held the Finishers 3 and Jon Calestine took the 145 division by storm. He sawed his way through the division faster then anyone else has to this day. 4 quick heel hook finishes and no overtimes. Calestine is one of only two people to win both Finishers Sub Only titles along with an EBI championship which he won at EBI 15.


Gordon Ryan won our first ever 170lbs invitational held at Maximum Athletics in NJ, November 15th 2015. He took the division with 4 submissions. Ryan would go on to win his debut at EBI 6 "The Absolutes" April 24th, 2016. Ryan is one of two Finishers Sub Only Champs to go on to win an EBI and the only competitor to also take home gold at ADCC.


Renzo Gracie Black belt and Lehigh Valley native Mike Padilla was already reaking havoc on the local bjj scene when the Finishers was created. Mike was one of the first guys we had in mind when we decided to run an EBI Rules tournament for money. It was a given that he would bring the intensity to the room combing dynamic wrestling, leg locks and rubber guard. Runner up at the Finishers 1, Mike would amass a 5-2 Finishers record finishing all 5 of his wins in devastating fashion.


Finishers 2 Champion - Barch who is a black belt under Richie "Boogeyman" Martinez came on the Finishers scene back at our 2nd event. He had a deep division to conquer to win the event and did so in our most exciting match in Finishers Sub Only History. He took the title by a narrow margin of only 7 seconds by escaping back control in the last portion of the EBI Overtime rounds. Barch has went on to compete at almost every big event in the game winning many matches along the way.


Grace Gundrum came onto the scene winning her special match at EBI 3 and would go on to simultaneously compete at both the Finishers and the EBI Stage. Grace would win her first 2 matches at Finishers by dead orchard. She then entered the Finishers 10 womens 105lbs division and would go on to win the cash and her first Finishers tournament title. Grace returned to Finishers competition to face Trinity Pun in the main event at Finishers 11 and would win by rear triangle in overtime to advance her record to 6-0 in Finishers competition.