Failure to follow these photo submission requirements may results in your photo not being shown on any flyer / poster / advertising material.


Picture submissions must include AT A MINIMUM your torso with your arms included from the waist up and not just a headshot. The optimal picture will include considerable space on the top and on both sides, so that your whole upper body from the waist up can be cropped out as needed. No cropping on your part is necessary, as that will be taken care of for you in order to fit the flyers as needed.


Picture submissions should be taken from straight forward or with your body at an angle but still with your face as straight forward as possible, so that both eyes are clearly visible. You can cross your arms or leave them at your side. See below for a good example of an angled pose that still fits the requirements.


Pictures submissions should be as high quality of an image as possible and should be in full color. Please do not edit photos yourself or submit black and white or greyscale images. Picture submissions will be modified as needed and a full color high quality photo is required for that. No blurry or pixelated images will be accepted.

• HAIR :

Particularly for the female competitors, you can leave your hair down but please make sure if you have coarse or curly hair that there is clear outline around the hair and not a lot of open space within your curls. This makes it very hard to crop the hair out of the image. If you are concerned about having coarse or curly hair that would make it hard to crop, please pull your hair back into a ponytail or braid of some type to make cropping easier, so there is not obvious negative space.